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About Us

We develop and support creatives and creative communities. We are trained in Creative Problem Solving and LEGO(r) Serious Play, and have created a number of projects and an infrastructure to support social entrepreneurs. Connect with us to bring our skills to your company, event or community.

Makersville supports those who make things, with provision of space, equipment and supplies. For those who would explore small-scale production, we work to support that production, through the finding of an audience and a learn-to-share-and-teach scenario.

Our special focus is video, audio and print production.

Supporting Multi-national experiences, communities and individuals in an entrepreneurship learning environment.

Makersville is supported by Makersville Services, through fiscal agency.


Toy Making - Reindeer
Creative Problem Solving since 2013!
At Makerfaire at Barnes and Noble
Multi-National Tour Group at Shoreline Village!
Sewing under the umbrellas at the Makerspace by the Sea at Shoreline Village
Building Little Villages
Racing Water Chariot

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Ms. Patricia Tsoiasue

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