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2022 HR Quick Guide for California Employers

Picture of 2022 HR Quick Guide for California Employers
2022 HR Quick Guide for California Employers (HR Handbook) Includes color-coded easy reference sections. Required and recommended forms for California businesses.

2022 HR Quick Guide for California Employers 

HR Quick Guide for California Employers takes you through the basics on hiring, leaves of absence, wage and hour requirements, and more. Simple charts and tables make finding answers to your questions quick and easy. Updated content for 2022 reflects new state and federal laws, relevant court cases and regulatory changes. 350+ pages


This guide is a great resource that puts concise employment law information at your fingertips:


Reliable HR information for California employers

Understandable terms

Steps and HR processes

More than 200 downloadable HR forms and checklists



Although any size company can benefit from the information in this guide, HR Quick Guide for California Employers is ideal for management or anyone new to HR. Use it to:


Better understand California and federal employment laws and what they require

Quickly grasp key HR areas, such as hiring, benefits, compensation, workplace safety and termination

Manage HR issues and develop solid HR practices

Find what you need to know before responding to an HR issue

Learn essential actions to prevent fines or legal actions resulting from noncompliance

Download required and recommended HR forms and checklists

Access definitions, laws, acronyms and a listing of agencies and resources

Hire and terminate with confidence

Pay fairly and within the law

Keep discrimination and harassment out of the workplace

Preorders begin shipping in mid-December

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