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Long Beach Area Chamber Releases Annual Vote Record Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Long Beach Area Chamber Releases Annual Vote Record Holding Elected Officials Accountable
The Chamber Releases Annual Vote Record on How State Elected Officials Voted with Business in Long Beach.
The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce focused its efforts in 2019 on 61 potential state laws, the most in this decade, that may have impacted the Long Beach area business community in one form or another. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Council (GAC) met monthly to discuss and work together to support or oppose potential laws and communicated each position with to local legislators. 
The Chamber lobbied during the 2019 legislative year for legislators to OPPOSE 44 legislative proposals that would negatively impacted business and to SUPPORT 17 legislative proposals that would have helped the business community in a variety of ways. The Chamber will continue to raise awareness on particular harmful new laws by issuing call to action emails and informing members via its website, social media outlets, quarterly magazines and frequent updates at the Chamber’s monthly GAC meetings. The Long Beach Area Chamber is one of a handful of chambers statewide that releases annually its own vote record on how local legislators voted with the Chamber.  
To reach the “Percentage FOR pro-business legislation,” The Chamber tallied the number of times the legislator’s final vote aligned with the chamber’s position (FOR pro-business legislation) on each proposal and divided that total by the total number of proposals tracked by The Chamber in which each legislator actually voted. A legislative proposal is not figured into the vote record percentage if a legislator, for whatever reason, did not vote, was absent, or if the proposal failed before the legislator had an opportunity to vote. The Governor’s final decision on whether or not the legislative proposal becomes law is also included.
For questions or inquiries, contact Government Affairs Manager Christine Bos at 562-435-9594 or
Summary of Votes
 Listed in order from highest to lowest percentage FOR pro-business legislation FOR
pro-business legislation
pro-business legislation
Percentage FOR
Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell 16 13 55.2%
Governor Gavin Newsom 11 12 47.8%
Assembly Member Mike Gipson 13 17 43.3%
Assembly Member Anthony Rendon 15 22 40.5%
State Senator Steven Bradford 12 19 38.7%
State Senator Tom Umberg 12 19 38.7%
State Senator Lena Gonzalez* 9 18 33.3%
*State Senator Lena Gonzalez took office in June 2019.
 For a full list of the legislative proposals and the legislators votes, please Click Here

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