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MyRuck, Inc

MyRuck, Inc

Veterans Services

About Us

MyRUCK is redefining the HR Technology landscape as a first-to-market SaaS platform, uniquely designed to transform Veteran and Military-Connected employee benefits through Hyper-Automation, Deep Learning, and Cognitive AI. At its core, MyRUCK tackles the intricate challenges of veteran benefits by running nearly 9 billion scenarios to find the critical path and best use of benefits for individualized recommendations.

We understand that Veteran and Military-Connected employees face unique hurdles in accessing and maximizing their well-deserved benefits. MyRUCK simplifies this process, providing clear, actionable insights for these employees. By doing so, we not only enhance their workplace experience and well-being but also empower them to make informed life decisions.

The impact of MyRUCK goes beyond just supporting Veterans. For businesses, the thought of managing veteran benefits, especially amidst rising operational costs and talent shortages, is seen as a massive challenge. MyRUCK addresses this by seamlessly integrating with existing ERP/HR systems, streamlining benefits analysis and administration. This leads to a substantial reduction in HR operational costs — by an avg minimum of $10,000 per Veteran employee — while improving overall return on investment. In an era where businesses are grappling with layoffs and talent shortages, MyRUCK offers a sustainable solution to retain valuable talent and optimize HR operations.

Moreover, MyRUCK's advanced capabilities provide predictive insights, enabling businesses to transition from reactive to proactive HR strategies. This not only enhances workforce management but also aligns with forward-thinking business practices, fostering a more inclusive and efficient workplace.

MyRUCK stands at the intersection of technological innovation and human-centric service. We're not just offering a software solution; we're pioneering a movement to reshape how businesses interact with and support their veteran workforce.


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